The Home Army Museum in Cracow

The Home Army Museum in Cracow, named after general Emil Fieldorf "Nil", is the only such institution in Poland, promoting knowledge about the Polish Underground Movement and its armed forces. It is located in historic building, former Austrian army headquarters, constructed in 1911. The building was remodelled according to an international competition winning design. The modernization has successfully emphasized the atmosphere of the old barracks. In a thorough lifting, bricks were cleaned, timber elements exchanged for new ones, plaster on internal walls hacked off to reveal old masonry walls. New porphyry floors, visible piping and discreet glass-and-steel elements give the building severe outlook well suited to a military museum. The greatest interference in the historic building, and the biggest technical challenge at the same time, was covering an inner rectangular courtyard with a glass roof. A large atrium thus created become a spectacular space for exhibitions and events. The major exhibition area is situated underground, inside extensive cellars under the entire building. In addition, exhibition space is provided on the ground floor (excluding an entrance hall and its surrounding) and the first floor, shared with a library with a reading room and a lecture hall. The attic, non-usable before modernization, was adapted for the office purposes. The remodelling has increased the usable floor area of the building from 1300 m2 to 5253 m2 . Site area: 3310m2
Footprint: 1775m2
Volume: 24650m3