Emajõe Barge Society Buildings

Emajõe Barge Society

As a community building the Barge Society complex creates a unique environment right at the waterfront. The triangular buildings and shelters located just on the shore of river Emajõgi function as a unified complex, a village of bargemen discreetly tucked away from the city. The buildings, placed as close to water as possible and with mostly South-facing facades looking over the river, create a cosy and unique inner courtyard between the river and the buildings, available for events like concerts, parties, performances etc.

The Barge Society complex is a hybrid between a port and a boat construction facility with very specific technological requirements and a leisure centre. The shore path extending across the grounds is directed through the courtyard, allowing visitors to come into direct contact with activities taking place in the building complex and to enjoy the shortest and the most fascinating trajectory on their walk. Under the gable roofs three distinct volumes are located: the large barge chamber building accommodating administration, a café, a seminar room, ticket office, boat construction workshop, the port captain’s room, workers’ room, storage; a shelter for outdoor classes in summer and barge storage in winter; a small sauna complex, closest to the river.

The purpose was to create an economical building and use reasonably priced materials like wood, steel framework and sandwich panels.