Swimming Pool Project

Abandoned swimming pool transformed into a multifunctional open-air stage.

Following project was held and executed through the platform of Tbilisi Architecture Biennial 2020.

On the left bank of the capital city, there is a cinema town, a little Georgian-Soviet version of Hollywood. It is a scenographic simulation of the “town” full of different buildings and infrastructural objects with its street system. The existing situation is neglected from the city. The area is open for everyone to enter though, and few areas inside are occupied by some guerilla artists and musical schools. One of the objects in the area is the Olympic swimming pool L25xW12.5 meters. The presented project is the transformation of it. The idea of the project was to make a public attraction point inside the area, in the form of multifunctional open-air stage. Where various cultural events will be presented, also just to serve as free recreational space, accessible for everyone. Filling the existing concrete void with a new volume in the shape of a primitive, one-sided amphitheater with a very specific light blue color which still reminds us associatively to water, as it once was or meant to be a swimming pool. The seats are terraced down to the stage in 8 levels. Stairs and a ramp is opposed to each other on the flanks.

Existing concrete void was cleaned and polished. 7 cement block walls of increasingly different heights were built, spaces between the walls were filled and leveled with soil and gravel. Reinforced slabs were formed. After the cement got dry it was polished, coated and painted with light blue color, water resistant paint.