Restaurant in Belogradchik

The restaurant is inspired by the natural attractions of the city and adapted to the socio-cultural context.
The facade allows natural control of daylight and creates a dynamic and attractive space for visitors and residents.
The used materials, innovative solutions for rainwater reuse and the integration of nature shape its overall appearance.

Belogradchik is a small town and attractive tourist destination in northwestern Bulgaria, well known for its rock formations. The theme of the rocks, context and cultural values in the region leave their mark on the project.
The project draws on a place recognizable as a city restaurant with a long history. A small wooden part of the existing building has been preserved in an authentic way for its sentiment in the heart and spirit of the locals.
The newly designed part of the restaurant aims to improve the environment, becoming a generator of visitor interest. The natural displacement of the terrain allows the creation of unique terraces with breathtaking views of the natural landmarks.
The building integrates the spirit of the place using the brick as a main element of interpretation with its qualities – materiality, color and texture.

The shapes, color and silhouette of the Belogradchik rocks and the vegetation have inspired the architectural vision of the building which recreates the mood of the small but dynamic city and preserves the identity of the place. The project exposes the connection with nature and the surroundings by terracing the levels creating spaces for recreation, consumption and observation.
The restaurant gives a new understanding and activities to the place shaped as a kind of public space. The memorable and recognizable image also contributes to the emotional impact and experience.
The natural displacement of the terrain from east to west is used as the eastern part of the building is two-storey high with direct access to the second level. The authentic entrance that gives access to its first level is preserved from the west. To the south from the street is the main entrance leading to an attractive lobby on two levels with interior staircase to the upper one.
The facade of the restaurant, facing south to the street, is a brick lace which provides natural sun protection for the dining halls and creates an exciting atmosphere, stopping the curious eyes of residents and passers-by.

The building envisages maximum use of recyclable materials with a minimum carbon footprint. The whole length of the south side is a decorative ventilated 12 cm brick facade and stepped form, which follows the natural slope of the terrain, the features of the context and the pitched roofs. Part of the facade is shaped like pots with decorative vegetation and part is used for locating the ventilation equipment. The façade is designed with protruding and removed bricks which amplify the effect of the southern sun light and shadows, increasing the dynamics and mood in the interior and exterior. Behind the openings on the facade glazing is realized, following their silhouette and shape.
The building of the restaurant combines reinforced concrete and metal construction.
The eastern and western facades to the terraces are maximally glazed and open to nature.
Innovative systems for use of rainwater from the roofs and terraces, as well as a recuperative system from the kitchen furniture are installed. The collected rainwater is stored in an underground tank and is used for sanitary needs and watering the lawns. The restaurant also has a charging station for electric cars.