Anarchitecture Theatre

anarchitecture theatre …I believe that life is perfect, because of its imperfections... building should reflect life in its imperfections to present perfect architecture…

Having visited anarchicekture Theatre, one cannot help but start to think about and question the meaning of the word Theatre’ a building or outdoor area in which plays, and other dramatic performances are given.

In the above description there is no mentioning of a performance before performance. At this Theatre It is literally that, the way interior spaces are designed one feels as if the performance has already started before you have even found the correct pathway to your seat.

The spaces and the surfaces jump at you, as if they are craving to let you know about themselves, about their history, about where they come from and what they represent. They shout out, touch me…!!! The tactile nature of the installation elevates ones’ experience, and one is miraculously dragged into this continuous performance, of the walls, of the floors, of the ceiling, of the details The surprise sense is continuous and leads you to all constructing parts of the theatre, that come together.

The level of detail is mesmerising, and these details synergistically form a whole that continuously performs and entertains prior to the ‘’real’’ theatrical performance.

The material palette is all organic. Woods, bushes, ropes, bricks, are all sourced locally. Either reclaimed from the former industrial building, or foraged on the fields not far from the Theatre itself. One cannot help but think of the parallels to the Michelin Star culinary chefs that so masterfully play with your senses to ensure a multisensory experience, with utilising products foraged not far from where their lab/restaurants perform miraculous multisensory experiences.

This is architecture and interior delicious feast, masterfully prepared and served to all the lucky visitors that will always get at least two performances for the price of one.

The meaning of theatre is redefined here, there is always a performance before performance.

Anarchitecture theatre building is one of the first examples of industrial building transformation in Kosovo. Transforming into a theatre from Car Suspenders Factory of 80’s, is a model of not only raising people’s awareness on recycling and reuse of materials but also an example how the building can ‘act’ in terms of giving subliminal messages that has relation with the different context of materials that were used. It is a building that yells, screams, whispers, creates sanctuary, absolves old, it moralises, redeems, heel’s. It is an act of defiance. It represents a resistance to new order while looking to the future.

The concept generated from reuse and recycled materials, presents not only reuse of the shattered building structure, its elements and materials but also it incorporates recycled materials from other parts of the country.

Existing elements of the factory such: as chandeliers, radiators and pipes originally used as manufacturing infrastructure, were reused not only in their original state but also by giving to it another function, contributing in this way also as accessories of the interior.

In acoustics and architectural engineering, diffusion is the efficacy by which sound energy is spread evenly in a given environment. A perfectly diffusive sound space is one that has certain key acoustic properties which are the same anywhere in the space.

Anarchitecture theatre has achieved to have natural materials and have perfectly diffused auditorium space.

1. Acoustic Diffusor – audience back wall
2. Acoustic Diffusor – radiators
3. Acoustic Diffusor / Reflector – lower gallery brick wall
4. Acoustic Diffusor / Reflector – upper gallery balustrade
5. Acoustic Reflector – illumination
6. Acoustic Reflector / Absorber – upper gallery wooden stick wall
7. Acoustic Absorber – ceiling bush