Doubravka Lookout Tower

HAMR has been experimenting with bole constructions for a few years now. The tower Doubravka is the outcome of this experimental process. It could be said, without exaggeration, that it is a technological as well as an expressive impulse for currently emerging architecture.

HAMR’s unique architectural style has manifested into the shape of a three sided pyramid as well as the choice of materiality. The majority of the structure is made out of acacia wood (over 7 kilometres of wooden boles, including waste) , accompanied by oak, larch and steel components. The highest point, thanks to the pennon at the top, reads at 23,5m.

The people who arrive at the lookout tower are overcome by the desire to climb it, it is the target of their trip. The need to look around the surrounding landscape perhaps substitutes old pagan rituals, that specific kind of connection to nature. Us, a nation of atheists - which is also something I agree on with the Czechs – get to experience another dimension to life whilst at the top. Suddenly, we feel we are a part of the widespread landscape, we feel a sense of freedom, bolts of courage, all of which are things that are very rare in the Czech Republic.

Foundations: +- 0,0 = 253,4 above sea level.
Lookout platform height: + 19,0 m
Height of the pennon: + 23,5 m
Dimensions of the base: 17,6 m
Number of steps: 98
Outer dimensions of staircase: 2,0 m (larch)
Built up area: 104,8 m2
Built up volume: 2174,2 m3

Total length - boles: 1440 m
Total length – diagonal rods: 2100 m
Total length – horizontal reinforcing members: 540 m
Total volume of acacia timber: 4080 m

Volume of larch timber used for staircase: 4 m3
Galvanised steel: 5162 kg
Number of metal joints: 3132 pcs

Building costs:
Landia Management 3 000 000 CZK
Městská část Praha 14 (Prague 14) 50 000 CZK
gifted 500 000 CZK