Convention Center

The Vaguada de la Palma is a natural topographic limit of the old city, a limit that in our site was reaffirmed by the retaining wall build with materials from the old Roman wall. The consideration of the lot in the perimeter of the walled area and the appearance of this wall city center, was the starting point ha simulation the image that the future conference center was to have.
The new buildings contemplated as a forested of the city built on this support, but at the same time it preserves the function of physical limit, in which an access road has been opened and a propylaeum-shaped threshold has been created. As a result the new building can be characterized in three ways: as a base for the old city; as a wall construction that clearly draws attention to its profile in the perimeter under the city; and as a passageway and lobby between the consolidate high city nucleus and the park of La Vaguada. One of the sides to this pedestrian access there are, in a compact structure, the access there are, the large halls of the Congress Center. The gallery that produces on the other side offers a complementary image in the shape of an open and joined construction, like a small template.
The project has been developed in two visible bodies, joined at the ground floor, that enclose this intermediate square. The auditoriums are in the large body. The smaller body, just out into the open air. Independent entrances from the square allow for very flexible use of the center. As a result, the seminar rooms and an exhibition hall can be used independently or together, as desired, with the Congress Center and the large exhibit hall that is connected to the lobby of the auditoriums.