Odooproject, a solar powered house

Odooproject is a solar-powered house by the student-team of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics for the Solar-Decathlon-Europe2012-Madrid competition. It can now be visited in Budapest.

This was the first time a Hungarian team of 50 students took part in such international competition, working together for two years to design and build the house.
Leading a new sustainable way of life spaces are needed for spending more and more time outdoors. A small conditioned volume (45sqm) is to save energy and materials, while the indoor activities are carried outdoors at a greater level of comfort. The summer-wall is a unique component incorporating the summer kitchen and resting area. The spaces of the house are used differently depending on the season just like traditional Hungarian lifestyle. Spending most of the winter in the heated interior and being outside mostly in summer. When possible both areas are used by opening the facade.
It’s a home but also a pavilion. The interior is free of walls with flexible furniture, lighting and shading to make the most out of the small space (148 sqm total area with terrace, 400sqm site). To transport the house was cut into four plus two prefabricated modules. The structure is glue-laminated-timber panel, supported by steel elements mainly for lifting.

Energy efficiency lead the design balancing between passive and active solutions. The house has a simple, well-insulated, airtight envelope. The south facade is doubled using actively the solar power and also passively through the triple-glazed façade. Water as dynamic thermal-mass is heated up in winter by the floor slabs while in summer at night water is cooled down passively on the roof by black-heat radiation and vaporization cooling the house through the tubes in the ceiling. The integrated solar panels became dominant aesthetical elements producing three times more energy than the annual consumption of the house.

LOCATION: 47.480795,19.055234 / Budapest, Műegyetem rkp. 3-9, 1111 Hongria
(before: Avenida de Portugal s/n 28011. Madrid)