C + V House

House Capece _ Venanzi is one suburbana house for one young brace.

It is an house situated in the diffuse conurbazione of the adriatic coast, in one of the possible areas of one city "whichever" in the segment between Ascoli and Pescara.
"an intermediate" area, (apparently)"without quality", a piece of earth remained without constructions to the attack between the plain and a hill
The site is tightened between woven of monofamiliar houses on a two levels and hill,
hill completely covered of "spontaneous" vegetation.
The idea is that one to construct to a building with one "inverse" guideline;
instead that to be oriented towards the city woven one completely it is turned towards the hill, hill that comes seen like one risen of "green sea" on which showing oneself.

The system is defined from one development in section on three levels:
_ level buried completely dug in the land; an inner patio is the element around to which the spaces are organized, constructing a game of goals between the spaces interrati/il roof giardino/l area giorno(pt)/il suspended volume of the second plan.
_ gruond floor ; it is the collective part of the building: large vetrata a flowing one marks the border between the roof uncovered garden and the covered area day. The space wheel around to a metallic scale lamellare that it connects with the first floor.
_ the first level receives the rooms and the private spaces of the building (bagno/sauna, arena, study)

Main the compositive argument is played on the metaphor of the transposition to macroscale of one of pieces of the game of the tetris.
The two volumes contrapposti put in scene the two parts of the building and of it they denounce the diversity of use with a twofold materico treatment: a base covered in stone with a volume of white plaster.
The base in stone "is cut" on the forehead the west from one vetrata to all height, while the overlapped stereometrico volume to the flat earth introduces one weft of circular hall of free shape and.
In the game of the contrarys, on the vetrata wall (luminous) the volume of the first plan is leaned to jolt.