Beaumont Public Art Gallery

Beaumont public art gallery
The urban approach of the project is based on a process of densification of an
urban block.
On the aspect of local politics, this densification is a first experiment on what could
be a new attitude towards territory development, as its location in the heart of a housing environment transforms the
private garden into a public space.
By acting in such a way, the housing block is transformed into a mixed-use block. To give a shape to this aspect, the rectangular minimal box has been put like
a free standing element contrasting by his specific fabric with the surrounding buildings.
The exhibition spaces were conceived as a
metaphor directly refering to the typical packaging used for
artwork transportation.
In real terms, the major volume is entirely wrapped with a wooden lattice left bare, which gives to its body the feeling of a place acting as a protection for works of art. This thematic box stand in the garden inside an existing urban block.
The building s link to its context is materialized by its clustered composition of volumes reacting to existing elements such as the monumental walls, the trees and the existing house of the gallerist.
The entire building is built out of wood, with the different parts made with various finishings. The process of wood construction was determined by the access of prefabricated elements to the inside of the existing block.
Beyond that consideration, the concept of a light structure construction that could be reshaped and transformed easily was a prior statement of the brief.
The gallery has been conceived as a research and workshop available for
artist and devoted to contemporary art,
Stefano Moreno - Marc Gubbini